Spatial Data Private Limited - Providing GIS Services And Products, Bangalore, India  

The GreatArc MapCue series of products will help you to get around the City you live in or plan to visit. In day to day activities, you are faced with questions like:

Where is a particular specialty hospital and how do I get there?
How do I locate a street address given in the yellow pages?


My friend is visiting me from another city. How can I send him directions to reach my home?


I urgently need to locate a 24 hour chemist. Which is the closest one?

Using MapCue, you are just a click away from answers to such questions. This easy to use product is a wonderful convenience to quickly locate any address or important facilities in the City.


The Spinfo SIS series of products can enhance your business efficiency. Normally businesses have four main growth options

Growth in physical size, as in numbers of locations
Growth in market share, through merger or acquisitions
Growth in sales, by selling existing customers more stuff and
Growth in customers, by finding more good customers

Spinfo SIS is an out of the box GIS solution and easy to use that address business growth.

Our customised solutions address the needs of organisations that have been exposed to GIS technologies and have certain specialised requirements to implement.

Our team works at precisely understanding the customer requirements, analysing and then indigenously developing the customised GIS solutions.

Our team is capable of providing GIS solutions on any platform the customer intends to implement.