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Data on location attribute or data that provides information on the location of an event or activity is called Spatial Data. GIS technology unlocks this data and provides the tools necessary to benefit from this. It allows the user to examine any spatial patterns in the data and hence facilitates decision making involving the spatial dimension. This could involve as simple a decision as 'How do I reach point A from point B?' to a complex decision like 'Where can I locate my outlet so that it is within 3km radius from the rly station and not within 1 km of any of my competitors and where there is greater concentration of upper income group households?'.

Geographical Information System comprises of digital maps, software to manipulate digital maps, analytical tools to go with the software, tabular data of relevance to the maps and of course the necessary hardware. Various GIS software packages are available. Spinfo's own simple and elegant software is called 'Spinfo SIS'.