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CBPS - Centre for Budget and Policy Studies
To evolve and implement a standardized methodology for data collection and estimation of district income. This has implications to calculate Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Human Development Index (HDI) more effectively. IT tools to utilize the methodology were required.
A standardized district income estimation methodology and implementation tools for utilization by district officers across the country was not available.
The Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS) worked closely with the Planning Commission to develop the methodology. CBPS collaborated with Spatial Data Pvt Ltd to develop Indical - a desktop product that implements the methodology.
  • Officers have a tool that enables the well researched methodology.
  • The methodology works in the background and the application is straight forward and user-friendly.
  • Standardized reporting is enabled.
  • Report generation and presentations with map features is enabled with the accompanying GIS application


  Indical –  India District Income Calculator

Indical is a user friendly and interactive product to calculate the district income, store the data, generate reports, and carry out spatial analysis. This pioneering product was conceived and developed by Spatial Data Pvt Ltd, in close collaboration with the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore.

The four main modules of the product are District Product, District Income, Reports, and Map. A summary on each module is given below.


This module will start the step by step methodology for calculating value added by commodity producing sectors. Gross value added by both primary and secondary sectors is estimated.


This module is utilised to calculate the total income generated by a district. District Income is the sum of value added by the commodity producing sector (District Product) and the district share of the service sector or non-commodity producing sectors. Calculation of District Product precedes the calculation of District Income.


This module launches the district map of India to spatially analyze district product and district income for various districts. Estimation of annual district income is a prerequisite for doing map based analysis and reports.


This module helps to generate customized district level reports. Consolidated and detailed reports can be generated.